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Mica Gonzalez, PhD

PhD in Clinical Psychology, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology & licensed in the state of California (#26486)

You’re worried about your little one. You’ve tried everything you can think of–getting advice from friends or family, reading parenting books and blogs–and still nothing seems to change your child’s behavior for the better. It’s time to reach out.

It’s in my nature to help others. When I came of age and began to understand the pervasive ills of the world, I knew that my purpose was to help people by combining my two great passions: psychology and relationships.

Early on in my therapy training I realized that in order to help people, I really had to understand where they came from. That’s why I started working with families with young children, the place where the mind is born and shaped. I learned that the family is at the center of our greatest highs and most profound lows, whether we’re talking about our actual family or the one that we carry with us in our minds and hearts.

Since those early training days, now more than 10 years ago, I’ve seen time and again that children and their parents can make profound changes in their lives when they have a professional who can accompany them on the journey and provide guidance when possible.

The most sustainable changes tend to come incrementally and with consistent practice. I help your child realize these changes by

  • focusing on your child’s growth AND strengthening the child-parent relationship
  • getting a detailed picture of family life
  • observing your child at home and/or school
  • consulting with extended family members in Spanish, when needed
  • collaborating with teachers and other school officials
  • giving the child the space to share what’s bothering her
  • listening deeply to your parenting aspirations and troubles
  • thinking with you about the meaning behind you or your child’s behavior
  • noticing productive as well as troubling patterns
  • finding new ways to see challenges
  • offering concrete suggestions for reducing stress at home and school
  • breaking problems down into smaller pieces so that they feel more manageable
  • practicing self-calming strategies
  • uncovering hidden obstacles to growth
  • encouraging you and your child to respond with mindfulness to your powerful thoughts and feelings
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