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We are a team of highly trained, compassionate, therapists with a passion for helping children, teens, adults, and their families decrease mental health and substance use challenges and live happy, healthy, and successful lives. Learn more about our clinicians below. 

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Surbhee Mehta, LMFT

Virtual Outpatient Clinician

It was through my own personal experience of crisis at a young age that led me to therapy, and in turn, to become a therapist. I know what it’s like to be on the other side, and I know how to reach kids. Always with a compassionate approach, I see their uniqueness and strengths and work collaboratively with them and you to find what works best.

Raina Lawler, LMFT

Outpatient Clinician

I have worked in a variety of therapeutic settings including high schools and junior highs, family homes, and at nature camp in the Bay Area regional parks. My past clients include teen girls with anxiety, LGBTQI youth, and youth on the Autism Spectrum. This experience has given me a variety of skills that I use when seeing kids at Family Spring.

Trinh Reyes, LCSW

Virtual Outpatient Clinician

Like a lotus flower, sometimes it can feel as though we come from the murkiest water, but, we can grow into our best selves. Growth is possible. My strength as a therapist is empowering individuals, helping them draw on their strengths and heal holistically.  With over a decade of experience, I am confident I can support you in achieving your goals.

Gabby Higareda Chavez, ASW

Juvenile Justice SUD Clinician

Bienvenidos! I am a bilingual and bicultural Spanish speaking therapist of Mexican descent with experience working with a diverse, multicultural population in different settings (schools, juvenile hall, in-home, dialysis, outpatient clinics, psychiatric facility, etc.) I obtained my Master’s Degree in Social work from California State University, East Bay.

Jessica Sanchez-Martinez, LMFT

Virtual Outpatient Clinician

Are you considering getting support for yourself or a family member? Life can be unpredictable and stressful especially during these uncertain times. I am here to support you through life’s many challenges including anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, and cross-cultural issues. As a bilingual Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with…

Tristan Cook, LPCC

 Outpatient Clinician

In life we often encounter painful, overwhelming, or negative experiences that we didn’t want nor ask for. Whether it is a medical or mental health diagnosis, or trauma that we feel has marked our lives, I seek to help guide others along this path on their own terms. Despite the often frustrating nature of human life, there is always room for thriving. 

Sarah Ou, LCSW

Virtual Outpatient Clinician

I’ve been a clinician since 2015 providing therapy to clients across the lifespan in various settings (in crisis, in jail, in home, etc.). As a daughter to Taiwanese immigrants, I am especially equipped to work with women and clients of Asian descent, but I am also a lifelong learner who enjoys working with folks from diverse backgrounds. 

Victor Washington, LCSW

Juvenile Justice SUD Clincian

We can all benefit from support at times as life can be unpredictable, challenging and joyful. I am here to support you through your journey while battling life’s many challenges such as depression, interpersonal relationships, anxiety and symptoms of PTSD. As a Black male clinical social worker with over 8 years of experience, I have worked with adults…

Gloria Sawiris, LCSW

Juvenile Justice SUD Clinician

I help some of the most vulnerable populations with the biggest obstacles in their lives: trauma, grief, depression, and other crises. I am a substance use disorder (SUD) and juvenile justice clinician here at Family Spring where I work with youth in the Secure Track unit (SB 823) delivering the Mindfulness-Based Substance Abuse Treatment…

Flor Escobar-Rodas, LMFT

Virtual Outpatient Clinician

We all experience anger, sadness, or anxiety that can cause us to feel stuck and overwhelmed. However, just in seeking help you have already taken a very important step. The path toward growth and healing can sometimes seem daunting, but you don’t have to walk it alone. Our sessions together will provide a warm…

Fergie Lopez

Operations Coordinator

My name is Fergie Lopez and I am the Operations Coordinator here at Family Spring. Since 2019, I’ve worked in outpatient mental health settings carrying out administration and coordination work to support those who support our clients directly. Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of…

Morgan Hong, AMFT

Clinical Operations Manager

It’s difficult to live with thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that aren’t welcoming, hopeful or kind, isn’t it? When that inner stream is clouded with shame, negativity, or apathy, therapy can be a filter to clear out the toxins and make way for the new. A braver, steadier, and more integrated YOU.  

Mica Gonzalez, PhD

COO / Clinical Director + Cofounder

Early on in my therapy training I realized that to help people, I had to understand where they came from. That’s why I started working with families with young children, the place where the mind is born and shaped. 

Sam Himelstein, PhD

CEO + Cofounder

I’m passionate about helping people. My own personal hardships as a teen with drugs and trauma lead to a significant amount of trouble (i.e., juvenile hall, group homes, etc.). I was on a dark path. I turned my life around through a lot of inner work and help, became a licensed psychologist…

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