Child Therapy

You’re here because you’re most likely worried about your little one. You’ve tried everything you can think of — getting advice from friends or family, reading parenting books and blogs — and still nothing seems to change your child’s behavior for the better. Let our clinicians at Family Spring help you get better outcomes.

What We Help With

We help toddlers, preschoolers, and later age children with:

  • Aggression (e.g., biting, hitting, or spitting)
  • Tantrums
  • Sleeping problems
  • Delays or regressions in potty learning
  • Frustration tolerance
    Clinginess (AKA “separation anxiety”)
  • Impulsivity
  • Restlessness and high activity
  • Negative moods
  • Defiance towards parents and other caregivers
  • Reluctance to play with other children

How It Works

When brining your child to Family Spring, we start with a comprehensive assessment that typically lasts 5-6 weekly sessions. This allows us to tailor your child’s treatment plan for the best outcome. Our comprehensive assessment may include:

  • Meeting with parents/caregivers (without the child for the first session)
  • Meet with child in our offices for direct observation
  • School observation 
  • Home visits

The assessment culminates with a parent/caregiver only session where you’re presented with a preliminary treatment plan for helping the child and family. You and your clinician finalize the plan together and start the treatment phase, typically consisting of weekly child therapy and regular parent/caregiver coaching sessions (1-4 per month), depending on your child’s unique treatment plan. These include engagement with our digital therapy resources and forthcoming web/mobile app to enhance engagement and ultimately treatment outcome.

We're Here To Help You Build Family Resilience

Parenting can feel overwhelming, especially in the early years. However, there really is reason for hope in every family. It’s not that love cures all; it’s more like love + reflection + wise action cures most everything. No doubt you’ve got the first one. The key is to find the right therapist to help with the last two. That’s where Family Spring can help.

No one knows your child like you, that’s why we make it a point to team up with parents to understand the child’s struggles and find solutions as quickly as possible.

Some parents breathe a sigh of relief when given concrete tools for preventing mishaps and responding effectively to their child. Other parents just need someone to help them think deeply about their child’s needs. We support parents with actionable suggestions AND collaborative reflection.

If you need help for your child, fill out the inquiry below or call and one of our clinicians will be back in touch with you within one business day.

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