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We’re launching a web/mobile app that will help you or your kids meet their goals.

No, this isn’t a self-paced app that just provides passive content (although it will do that too). No, this isn’t an app that’ll get you a response from “some” therapist you don’t know.

This app galvanizes the therapy relationship you or your child/teen already has, enhances engagement, and improves overall outcome.

Enhancing the Therapeutic Relationship with Technology

Achieve Goals

Set and achieve concrete goals with your therapist. Know your path for growth.

Track Progress

Never be in the dark about where you or your child is in the therapy process.


Message your therapist at anytime. Never forget insights you want to bring up in session.

Access Content

Short video clips and content to remind you of practices & concepts from your sessions.

Enhance Outcomes

Engaging in practices/concepts between sessions enhances outcome.


Tech-assisted human interaction with your therapist, not a bot. Not a stranger. Your therapist.

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