Morgan Hong, AMFT

MA in Counseling Psychology, Wright Institute & AMFT in the state of California (#128594)

It’s difficult to live with thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that aren’t welcoming, hopeful or kind, isn’t it? When that inner stream is clouded with shame, negativity, or apathy, therapy can be a filter to clear out the toxins and make way for the new. A braver, steadier, and more integrated YOU.  A you that has the room and gumption to flourish. Getting acquainted with your badass, authentic self deserves your full attention, intention, and compassion. Regardless of our circumstances, we are all capable of healing. I know this because I have experienced it myself, and because I have witnessed and accompanied people in untenable conditions to deepen awareness about their patterns and access the agency and choice necessary to change.


 I see therapy as one way to heal backwards through the harm and trauma of our family systems, socialization, and systems of oppression and supremacy that have shaped our behaviors and beliefs. All parts of ourselves deserve to be treated with dignity. I offer a warm, collaborative, grounded, and creative space to get curious about how you have been shaped by your experiences, while learning new strategies and skills to move towards acceptance and integration.

In my practice, I strive to create an authentic space in which you can show up as you are and engage in a healthy, honest relationship. Sometimes we laugh a lot in session, sometimes there are tears, sometimes we celebrate what’s whole and perfect in your world, and sometimes we hone in on the nuances of long-held survival patterns. Above all, I believe in being real together. Leveraging somatic practices and the latest in neuroscience and clinical intuition, I am here to help you contact your innate self-righting capacity and embodied wisdom—a personalized treasure trove. Sessions with me often include attention to the body and the breath, mindfulness and visualization work, art, movement, talk, humor, and embodied metaphor.

I invite you to click the button below & allow me to start this journey with you. Let’s get to it.

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