Announcing a FREE live webinar to discuss how to support teens struggling with substance use and other mental health challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic!

This webinar is geared toward parents, caregivers, and families who have teens struggling with substance use and other mental health challenges, and to providers/therapist already working with this population.

This webinar will include actionable, pragmatic, and concrete ways to assess the level of care your teen/client might need, how to build strong and supportive relationships while maintaining healthy boundaries, and offer self-regulation skills that help with substance use craving and mood management.

If you’re a therapist, educator, case manager, mentor, health coach, or parent, caregiver, or anyone who knows or works directly with teens impacted by substance use and mental health challenges, join us for this FREE, live 1-hour webinar!

Learning Objectives:

  • Review assessment criteria for different levels of mental health and substance use treatment care for teens
  • Discuss how to build authentic relationships in-home and in counseling while maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Demonstrate how to share mindfulness as a self-regulation strategy for caregivers/parents and providers to teach to teens

Other notes:

  • This webinar will be one hour long!
  • This webinar will take place during the PST time zone!
  • There will be a replay of this webinar sent out!
  • If you’re a provider, you will be emailed instructions for CE and a certificate!

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Meet Your Speaker

Sam Himelstein, PhD

Sam Himelstein, PhD

Dr. Sam Himelstein is a licensed psychologist in Oakland, CA and is the cofounder and CEO of Family Spring, Inc., a digital mental health organization dedicated to serving youth, teens, young adults, and their families. He is also the founder of the Center for Adolescent Studies, a multidisciplinary training institute that offers trainings at the intersection of mindfulness, trauma-informed care, resiliency, and counseling. A formerly incarcerated youth himself, he learned mindfulness at a young age and transformed his life from drug use, delinquency, anger, and trauma, to that of helping young people and adults do the same through the power of mindfulness and other self-awareness skills. His most recent book is “Trauma-Informed Mindfulness With Teens: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals” (Norton, 2019).

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